Accept Gift Cards As Payment

Are you tired of dealing with Visa and Mastercard? Easily allow your customers to pay with any major brand gift card. Accepting gift cards as payment is now a simple process. CardQuiry’s liquidation API allows businesses to offer an alternative payment method for their customers.

Electronic cards are sold instantly through our automated API and integration only takes a couple hours. Partner with CardQuiry and never worry about payments again!
Accept gift cards as payment for your business.
Partner with CardQuiry and accept major retailer branded gift cards as a form of payment. CardQuiry helps your business accept a popular alternative payment to attract more customers. Customers pay anonymously with electronic gift cards.

Gift cards as a payment method have many key benefits including:

  • Gift cards are easy to find and purchase
  • Fast payment time of 48-72 hours
  • Alternative payment method for customers who may not want to use or have credit cards
  • Gift cards are anonymous
  • All electronic brands, no mailing necessary
  • Automated API process
  • Easy 2 hour integration

    Accepting major brand gift cards as payment offers a variety of benefits. Businesses are not required to hold a reserve account with CardQuiry. Further, there are no chargebacks that hinder your account status. Customers can easily purchase a Walmart or Target gift card and use it as payment for goods or services. Many potential customers do not have access to credit cards or prefer to stay anonymous when completing a transaction. Accepting gift cards as a form of payment allows these customers to transact when they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Supplement your payment offerings with CardQuiry and let us handle your gift card payments.

    Industries served with alternative payments

    There are many industries that benefit from accepting alternative payments such as gift cards. These industries include gaming, gambling, and any business that conducts high risk transactions.

    Gaming Industry
    Games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends have grossed billions of dollars in sales as well as many others. Further, there have been several major recent shifts in the gaming industry which have caused payment transactions to become a focus point. Most importantly, many video games no longer involve one purchase. Monthly subscriptions and in game purchases where players add on additional transactions are now the norm. These additional purchases could involve extra content, the ability to level faster or additional skins for a character.

    Mobile gaming has also played a role in additional transactions taking place with games such as Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. Couple the explosion of video game transactions and purchases with the fact that 29% of video game players are under 18 years old and it creates a huge problem. How do these video gamers pay for these transactions without access to a credit card? CardQuiry helps solve this pain point by allowing your customers to pay with gift cards. Gift cards are everywhere and can easily be purchased online or in-store. Unlock potential customers with an alternative payment solution.

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